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Our students come from all walks of life and comprise a rich mix of nationalities. Their reasons to learn Arabic vary too. Some students learn Arabic purely for pleasure as they are living in an Arabic-speaking country; some aim to help their children with their Arabic homework from school. Others want to develop their communication ability with their Arabic-speaking family members, friends or colleagues. We also welcome many professionals who need to speak Arabic as part of their job or are looking to develop their career prospects.

Furthermore, while most of our students are UAE residents, some are international students referred to us by language schools abroad or are simply on short or long-term visits to the UAE. For this category of students, short intensive courses (private or public) may be more suitable than regular terms.

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What people are saying about us…

The British Embassy has been using the ALC for several years to provide advanced level training to diplomats required to speak Arabic at a very advanced level. ALC has provided tailored, 1-1 training in the Embassy with an excellent teacher. With other parts of the Middle East now becoming less suitable for language training due to political events, we may look to use the ALC to provide language training to diplomats preparing for assignments in other parts of the Arab world, given our assessment that the ALC meets our standards for language training and in view of our positive past collaboration with the school and its teachers.
Rosemary Davis, The British Embassy

Our members found the structure of the course very well thought-out and implemented. The course was delivered by teaching simple social and business Arabic language that can be utilized on a regular day to day basis. The teachers techniques were excellent; they created a great learning environment by encouraging communication and active learning. The students enjoyed the classes immensely and feedback was very positive.
Vela Activities Club

“On behalf of Ducab, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to your Centre for the effort and professionalism that you have demonstrated and for your excellent service. The feedback was extremely positive, all the participants have enjoyed the workshop and found it to be useful as anticipated, and thus we might be considering the next level of this course after Ramadan. Till then we wish you all the best and good luck with your future endeavors.”

The method of teaching and the environment is outstanding. I have never thought that Arabic could be easy. I would have to thank all of you for making it easy for us as by now I am able to read, write and speak according to my level.
Orit Abdella, Beg II Student

It has been a very good learning experience. Spending 23 years in Dubai, and now Ive finally started understanding Arabic a lot. Thank you ALC, you have a great bunch of people and a very good curriculum!
Sahar Latheef, Beginners II Student

I found the strategy of the teaching excellent. I feel comfortable in the class and I was encouraged to speak and use my knowledge of Arabic language.
Francesca Furlanis, Beginners II student

the teachers and staff are very friendly and willing to help beyond their usual means. The atmosphere within the (class) study groups is very energetic and the delivery of lessons is dealt in an utmost professional manner.
Novara Kashif, Beginners III student

The way of teaching is excellent, fun and rewarding.
Sophie, Beginners III student

ALC has an excellent teaching methodology which makes learning Arabic very easy. The teachers are very experienced, knowledgeable and patient. The staff is very cooperative. The environment is very conducive to the learning.
Raza Ali Rashid, Beginners III student

My journey with ALC has been a memorable one so far. The staff is friendly and helpful. I have enjoyed every bit of my Arabic learning days here!
Tanushree Dalmia, Int III

I would recommend the ALC to anyone serious about learning the Arabic language and regularly do recommend it. The style of teaching is second to none and the unique method that Maliha has created has meant that after just one year I can converse in Arabic with my peers and clients in a social and business context! I still have a long way to go and I look forward to continuing my studies with the ALC to GCSE level
Sophie Hendra, Beginners I student

The ALC has patient, well-informed teachers and a very friendly, supportive atmosphere. I’ve appreciated the emphasis on everyday communication and the sense of progress in my learning.
David Palfreyman, Beginners III Student

Everyone is serious about learning Arabic while the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. I enjoy the social element of attending the ALC and learning about Arabic culture, as well as the mixture of cultures and nationalities of the other students in the class.
Lynne Kennedy, Beginners Conversation

Learning a difficult language like Arabic is a challenge. But learning Arabic at the ALC is fun! Fantastic teachers, good atmosphere and you’ll make friends from all over the world! I think being a “guest” in the UAE, the least you can do is try to learn a little bit of the language and the habits. “Probeer het gelwoon, het is eachtleuk”.
Yvette de KreijJournee, Beginners I Student

I did a lot of research when looking for an Arabic course and tried a couple of other centres before choosing the Arabic Language Centre. I found the other centres weren’t as organised and the courses weren’t as structured.
Mariko Hall, GCSE Student

We would like to have the same teacher also in Beginners II. Inshallah! Thank you for the perfect organization. Great team, Great School, Mashallah!!! Shukran.
Rosalia Yellas, Beginners I student

Having scattered knowledge of Arabic led me to learn it the proper way , by joining ALC with Beginners I itself I have learned so much and have become more confident in speaking and understand a lot more. The way the language is taught makes you want to come back and attend further courses. Amazingly this was the first ever self-chosen class where I didn’t fall asleep as the whole 2 hours was so exciting and lively that I made full use of it to learn and interact. I recommend it to all!!!
Ambrin Iqbal, Beginners I student

This course was a pleasure to attend, the teacher is very systematic, attentive and helpful! Im really looking forward to the next level and improving my Arabic.
Madina Izmaylar, Beginners I student

Ideal course for Non-arabic speaking people. Good level of learning and always interesting and never boring. Excellent Class!
Beginners I student (anonymous)

This class was my first experience with the Arabic language. I enjoyed the class ambiance, and the teacher was very effective. I found the materials to be very useful and well-done. After only 2 months of studying, I feel that I have a basic level of Arabic on which I can build. I look forward to continuing.
Beginners I student (anonymous)

The whole school environment is motivating with the best arabic method there is. I’m just glad I joined.
Yani lopez, Beginners III

Anyone who is serious to learn how to speak regular spoken Arabic in the region, must opt for ALC course. I had in fact been to other training centers, but they were just very formal and business making centers, but at ALC you really feel that you are seriously learning ARABIC to start using it in your day to day life. I would highly recommend to go for ALC Arabic courses to all serious learners. ALC you learn Arabic in a fun loving way and with a proper tactics with a lots of practice.
Gurpreet Singh Anand, Beginners I

The teacher is excellent and she ensures the class is not only productive but also enjoyable. As a result I find that I always look forward to my weekly class.
Tameem Khader, Native Speakers

Feedback from an International Student

Name: Colonel Simon Tustinv
Level: Beginners I
Aims to go until: Intermediate I

I am due to be the British Defence Attache, Kuwait, and studied at the Arabic Language Centre Dubai (ALCD) from 14th January – 3rd February 2005. Prior to coming to ALC I had completed 5 months of Arabic classes in the UK, where I had struggled to keep up with the pace of their Diploma Course.

In my first week at ALC I covered the Beginners courses, Books I & II. In the second week I completed the Beginners III book. During my third and final week I covered most of the material in Intermediate Book I. I especially appreciated the ALC course package. Points of grammar and aspects of Arabic are very clearly and simply explained within a well structured, logical, step-by-step programme. The ‘Activity Books’ supporting each stage reinforces everything covered and each has an excellent revision section of main linguistic points covered in the previous stage.

The whole ALC package, together with the teachers excellent teaching method, meant that I covered all the ground that I needed and was given ample opportunity for speaking practice.

I strongly recommend the ALC Basic and Intermediate courses to anyone interested in learning Arabic, both linguists and those, who like me, find learning languages difficult.


Children/Parents Testimonials

We are parents of Ahmed Abdulhalim Dawood‎ who is doing his final year of IB diploma at JESS Arabian Ranches.

Our son opted to do Arabic for his GCSE and as we are from Kenya and our Arabic knowledge is limited we were not in a position to assist him so we decided to enroll him in Dar el-ilm 4 years ago to get extra Arabic classes to help him do better in Arabic‎.

The improvement in his Arabic, both spoken and written has been phenomenal! ‎Thanks to the good work and dedication of the teachers Ahmed got an A in his GCSE and continues to excel in Arabic in his IB diploma course and we cannot thank DEI enough for their assistance.

We wish DEI all the best in their endeavor to teach the Arabic language.

Mr. & Mrs. Abdulhalim Dawood.

Dear Maha and the wonderful team at DEI,
Thank you for yet another wonderful year at DEI. It has been a pleasure to be associated with you for almost 7 years and my son Arun has enjoyed each year that he has been learning Arabic with all of you. When he started Arabic he was like 5 years old and today he is 13 and is keen to do his higher level Arabic exams with DEI.

The lovely atmosphere but at the same time emphasis on teaching is extremely high and the friendly teachers make it fun to learn Arabic at DEI .

The director of Studies Ms. Maha has vast knowledge and experience in teaching the language and all teachers are extremely helpful.

I would highly recommend DEI to learn Arabic either for students or for business or just to learn a new language while in Dubai.

Thank you for another great year!

Best regards
Sushmeta Pancholia

We have been attending Arabic lessons at the Dar el ilm for a long time now, and feel as though Dar El Ilm has become like a second home to us. The continuous support, patience and motivation of the teachers do not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. Teachers are constantly trying out different methods of learning, encouraging us to become involved and more active in lessons, stimulating everyday conversation in the language we are trying to learn. The teachers are able to build lessons around our level of ability and are conscious of ensuring that we understand and encourage us to ask questions when we are confused. It is difficult to imagine learning a language without the constant encouragement and assistance which, the teachers at Dar El Ilm provide.

Jane Sheikh-Sobeh

Anwar has been a student at DEI for the past three years. Unfortunately, the Arabic program at his school is lacking in so many ways. We have found that DEI was able to provide Anwar with what his school was unable to. The lessons are perfect for his age, the class size guarantees that he is learning and interacting with his teacher. Above all, he is enjoying his classes. We have also found that thanks to DEI, Anwar is at the same level in Arabic as his peers back home in Jordan.
I would especially like to thank Ms. Maha Jayyusi for going out of her to help Anwar by providing him with make-up classes when we had to leave the country early his summer and giving him extra work for the summer.
Thanks you DEI!
Lana Bitar

Dear Maha,

As we come to the end of term I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the institution for a brilliant year, though Wajihs sports and very busy schedule has been the reason for a long absence; but the knowledge of Arabic given to him over the several years has enabled him to be on top of his class in Arabic. He is one of the highest scorers in his Arabic class and his teacher speaks highly of his good standards in Arabic. we surely owe this to Dar el ilm and Wajih is looking forward to joining again as soon as his sports schedule allows it. Once again thank you for the brilliant years.
Kind regards
Ghazala Tikki Zaman

Dear Maha,

My kids have been taking Arabic lessons with DEI for over 4 years now. I have noticed a continuous improvement in their Arabic skills which was also noticed by their Arabic school teachers. The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming, and everyone from the teachers to the administrative staff are very friendly and professional. My kids look forward to their weekly lessons and are always welcomed with a friendly smile. As a parent I feel like I made the perfect choice with choosing DEI and I highly recommend it to friends and family.’
Best regards,

As a mom who values early childhood language learning, I have taken steps to provide some form of Arabic education since my Kg2-school daughter were just two years old. I have tried several private lessons, nurseries etc. before finding Dar El ilm. After starting her Arabic lessons in Dar El ilm, my daughter doesn’t hesitate to speak in Arabic anymore. This year she is accepted to native Arabic speakers’ lesson without holding the Arabic passport. What a great honor for her parents who can’t speak Arabic.

Although there are several language teaching strategies, Dar El ilm’ s approach instantly grabbed my daughter’s attention. It is a bright, colorful and cheerful program which reinforces a lot vocabulary and phrases that makes it an enjoyable experience for kids. She uses her vocabulary knowledge especially for her bed time stories. I read Arabic stories to her without understanding its meaning she translates the stories to me confidently.

By offering the beauty of Arabic outside of the traditional teaching methodology which made my child love Arabic.
Dar el ilm deserves our thanks.
Yasam Yazici, Vera’s Mom

Dear Maha and the wonderful team at DEI,

Thank you for yet another wonderful year at DEI. It has been a pleasure to be associated with you for almost 7 years and my son Arun has enjoyed each year that he has been learning Arabic with all of you.

When he started Arabic he was like 5 years old and today he is 13 and is keen to do his higher level Arabic exams with DEI. The lovely atmosphere but at the same time emphasis on teaching is extremely high and the friendly teachers make it fun to learn Arabic at DEI. The director of Studies MS Maha has vast knowledge and experience in teaching the language and all teachers are extremely helpful.

I would highly recommend DEI to learn Arabic either for students or for business or just to learn a new language while in Dubai.

Thank you for another great year!

Best regards,
Sushmeta Pancholia

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