Course Description

Cultural Arabic (14 hours)

Course Description:
The Course provides a good insight into cultural and social topics such as the values, traditions, social life, religions and geography of the Arab World. The course helps in creating cultural awareness and a better understanding of the Arabic norms and values. The course also includes an optional cultural trip.

Beginners I (30-32 hours)

Topics covered:

Script: Basic Rules of Arabic Writing, Recognition of Script, Pronunciation of Sounds, Contrast between Sounds.

Topics: using common regional greetings; introducing the self and others; giving information on occupation, nationality and country of origin, family and relations; reporting on the third person; describing state of being, such as, “I am tired. She is late today. They are happy here”; describing plans, abilities and actions using verbs, such as, “I want to travel to my country with my family in the summer, I don’t have a meeting with my manager next week …”; asking questions and making dialogue with others, such as, “where are you from? What do you do? When do you have a holiday? How many children do you have…”; inviting people over; using commonly used expressions.

Grammar: basic word structure and sentence structure; dependent and independent pronoun patterns (dpp and ipp); verb conjugations in the present future tense; singular and plural forms of nouns and adjectives; masculine and feminine nouns and adjectives; descriptive pattern form A (DPA); function words and their conjugations (want, have, have been); adverbs of time; days of the week; numbers and rules of counting; negations.

Numbers: Numbers and Rules of Counting, Mathematical Symbols, Telephone Numbers, Telling the Date, Telling the Time.

Extras: Listening Comprehension, Role Plays, Translations, Little Words, Extra Vocabulary.

Beginners II (28-30 hours)

Topics covered:
Giving and receiving directions; describing travel plans and holidays; describing life in the Emirates; giving bio data; learning a new language.

Grammar:present/future verb pattern; descriptive pattern; word structure; doer/receiver (subject and object); prepositions.

Beginners III (28-30 hours)

Topics covered:
Making and cancelling appointments; telephone conversation; describing timing/working hours; shopping and negotiating prices; describing an outing/party; introducing others; inviting friends; learning colours; learning months of the year.

Grammar:present/future verb pattern (continued), introduction to past tense pattern, comparatives, word structure, verb forms.

Beginners Conversation (28-30 hours)

Course Description:
Beginners Conversation consolidates all topics covered in the first three Beginners levels. The course uses familiar enhanced vocabulary and grammar applied in new situations. Emphasis is placed on oral communication skills, through role plays, guided and unguided conversations and English/Arabic translations. The course aims to enable students to become more familiar with the vocabulary and be able to communicate more fluently and with confidence.

Intermediate I (28-30 hours)

Topics covered:
Going on a business trip; travelling; talking about family; discussing traffic regulations; reporting on a car accident; giving personal data; describing education.

Grammar:past tense pattern and verb categories, verb forms (continued).

Intermediate II (28-30 hours)

Topics covered:
Travelling and booking a holiday; giving opinions; booking in hotels and restaurants; moving to a new office/home; describing the weather; tourism.

Grammar: Reinforcement of previous grammatical patterns, the Imperative Mood, Verb Forms (continued).

Intermediate III (28-30 hours)

Topics covered:
Dealing with the Immigration Department; describing the weather; describing means of entertainment, outings and parties.

Grammar: Past continuous, Verb Forms, Nominal & Descriptive Patterns.

Intermediate Conversation (28-30 hours)

Course Description:
Intermediate Conversation aims to strengthen the students’ communication skills at an intermediate level. The course recaps content covered in the previous Beginners and Intermediate levels. It offers students
the opportunity to practice the application of vocab in new situations. The course prepares students to converse fluently and with confidence.

Transition (28-30 hours)

Course Description:
The Transition Course is a pre-requisite for the Advanced Arabic classes, the course objective is to provide students with a smooth transition into the world of Classical Arabic. Students are introduced to the classical form of words and grammatical concepts. The class aims to familiarise students to the written form of the Arabic language used in various contexts.

Advanced Arabic

Advanced Arabic Levels aim to enable students to improve their knowledge of Classical Arabic. The courses develop reading and writing skills as well as oral communication. The students explore a variety of contemporary topics that relate to the modern world. The course incorporates the use of a variety of textbooks and online materials.

The courses include topics such as:
Education • Social Situations • Sports • Cultural Events • Politics • Tourism • Letter Writing • Nature and Service Industries (banks, hotels, restaurants, airlines, shopping). Media (Radio, TV, and Newspapers) •Working world • Environment and Citizenship • Arab History • Culture

Phonetics courses (using English transliteration instead of the Arabic script) are available upon request.

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