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We teach a combination of simplified Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and spoken Arabic that is used and understood by most Arab nationals. Our courses expose students to a variety of expressions and choices of vocabulary used in different Arab countries with the understanding that as UAE residents, students meet Arabs from all over the Arab World. Our unique method of instruction, developed by the founder, Maliha Wehbe, presents Arabic in a simplified and systematic manner that brings out the logic and symmetry of the language. We teach word and sentence formation highlighting the root words i.e. the three letter base on which Arabic, as a Semitic language, is structured. The Maliha Wehbe methodology uses the three-letter-base concept beyond its traditional application and incorporates the triangular theory in the word structure as well as conjugation, case endings, Harakaat, verb moods and dots in the script. Furthermore, we teach students to recognize the shapes of the Arabic alphabet with their corresponding sounds and demonstrate that Arabic is a truly phonetic language. Our simplified approach helps students to learn and speak the language the natural way; via the Arabic script, rather than via the English transliteration.

While we teach the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, our instruction focuses mostly on the speaking skill through oral communication. We run several drills, role-plays and classroom activities that promote student-student and student-teacher interaction.

Our classes are structured into levels, each designed to teach the vocabulary relevant to everyday use and at a specific level of complexity. Classes are divided into three main stages: Beginners (Beginners I,II,III and Conversation); Intermediate (Intermediate I,II,III and Conversation) and Advanced (Transition and Advanced Programmes I and II). Classical Arabic is gradually introduced and taught in the advanced classes.

About This Course

Course idGM-205
ProfessorJames Gordon
LocationMelbourne, Australia

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